Welcome to Physical Education at Kennedy Elementary School.

My name is Sharon Patterson. I am a full time elementary physical education specialist at Kennedy Elementary School.
We have a diverse curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all our students.
Kindergarten classes reinforce phonemic awareness through activities that incorporate the letter(s) they are focusing on during that week. SMART program will be implemented twice a week in grades k-1. SMART is a program that incorporates movement activities to promote muscle strength/stability, integration of reflexes, motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, visual-perception and auditory processing skills.
Grades 1-3 are participating in theme units, which allow students to explore a variety of ways to perform specific skills. One example is "throwing and catching"; Students will be challenged to throw and catch a football, whiffleball, frisbee, yarn ball, etc. They will participate in lead up activities and games that reinforce these skills.
Grades 4-5 will have sport specific units that review basic skills and lead up activities. They will also learn rules, etiquette and play games that are age appropriate.
Attached is the yearly curriculum. Please feel free to observe or participate in your child’s scheduled physical education class.

 Safety & Rules of Gym
 Cooperative Activities
Soccer Skills & Lead up Games
Flag Football Skills & Lead-up Games
Parachute/ Scooters Fall mile & Fitness Testing
Volleyball Skills & Lead-up Games
5th Grade Parent VB Evening 
Student Teacher VB Game 
Bones and Muscles
Cup Stacking/ Sport Trivia
Floor Hockey
Short Jump Rope
Long and Short Rope
Chinese Jump Rope Double Dutch and Partner Rope
Jump Rope Demonstration 
Jump Rope For Heart 
Grad.Rule Dance Package
Bowling Grad.Rule Dance Package
Heart Healthy activities
Basketball Skills and Lead up Games
Jog and Log/ Tennis
Jog and Log/ Track and Field
Track and Field Spring mile
Tee Ball/ Softball
Ultimate Frisbee/ Frisbee Golf
Lawn Games Bocce Ball/ Croquet
 End of year activities

Kennedy Fun Field Day 

Contact: Sharon Patterson Physical Education 387-2122 ext. 125