Proud to be Kennedy Best!

Kennedy  Elementary has a strong culture of commitment and dedication to student success!  Each year we have a school wide theme that helps students: 1) focus on learning,  2) stay committed to academic success, and 3) be excited about progress!  It is our goal that students connect both short and long term academic success with their future.  In fact, we remind them often their hard work helps them to "Get Ready" for their future!  In addition to "Get Ready!", it's likely you will hear Kennedy Cubs saying "I WILL do my best!" and "PROUD to be Kennedy Best!" 

Kennedy students and staff have pride as a result of hard work and achievement.  That hard work has resulted in a Minnesota School of Excellence designation!  Being a Minnesota School of Excellence means Kennedy students and staff CONTINUE to be COMMITTED to hard work and excellence!   

Ask your child(ren) to tell you about the school assemblies in which special guests share their inspirational stories about taking pride in hard work and having a commitment to excellence. You might even want to ask how the Kennedy staff kick off each assembly with a "dancing" start!