Art Instructor - Rachael Wick

I am at Kennedy on Mondays, Tuesdays 1st hour, Thursdays and Fridays. I am at Eagle Lake Elementary on the majority of Tuesdays and all of Wednesdays.
Art is a fun place to be, both for the students and for myself. I am here to teach art skills, media use, familiarize with art history and to encourage students to grow in their creativity.
Everyone is an artist and we all have different styles. The art, media, print and physical world need many different styles to create such unique designs that will engage us all and draw our attention.

Elementary art education engages students in the following:

Art Production or creating art, provides opportunities for children to express themselves visually to convey their own ideas and feelings.

Art History assists children to understand works of art. Students learn about the artist, the function, and the culture in which the art was created. Students also learn how and why art has changed over time.

Art Criticism gives children the opportunity to engage in verbal discussions that describe, interpret and evaluate art that was made by artists as well as their own creations.

Aesthetics provides students with different ways to appreciate and value art. Students answer questions like: What is beauty? Why is this art? and What is good art?

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