Individual Counseling

School Counselors also work one-on-one with students struggling to deal with friendships, personal concerns, academic issues, or family concerns. This could be a one time meeting or on a more regular, short-term basis. However, school counselors are not licensed therapists and do not provide therapy. The main focus when working with individual students is to support their ability to cope with situations that interfere with their success in the classroom. If a student's needs are beyond what can be provided in the school setting, the school counselor can help families find the appropriate community resources.

Students are able to request to visit the counselor via counseling request slips. The school counselor's promise to each child is to help them the best that we can and to keep our conversations private... that we will not tell other people. But, if a student tell the counselor someone is hurting them, someone else is hurt, or that they want to hurt someone else, we must help them by telling someone else. When we need to tell someone else, we let the student know first as we are here to help them the best that we can.