Small Group Counseling

Small group social skills or support groups provide students the opportunity to further develop skills and gain peer support from other students in their grade or who have similar experiences. Any student may participate in a small group if they have a social, emotional, or behavior need. Group referrals may come from a child's parents/ guardians, teachers, and students themselves. Counseling groups meet for approximately 8-12 sessions and meet every week for 20-30 minutes. Parents/ guardians of students in counseling groups will be notified when the group begins and given information about the specific goals and topics their student's group will cover. Small groups are skills-based and is not group therapy. If more intensive services are needed for a student, the counselor may provide referral options.

Some of the counseling small groups offered include:
  • friendship/social skills
  • positive school behaviors
  • anger management
  • family change/divorce
  • worry management
  • study skill success
  • grief/ loss
  • self-confidence
  • self-control