Classroom School Counseling Lessons

Throughout the year, the school counselor visits each classroom monthly and presents various developmental guidance lessons to all students. These lessons are designed to promote student's knowledge, attitudes, and skills in each of the school counseling content areas (academic achievement, career development, and personal/ social growth). Students will receive lessons through out the year based on our district's core values and counseling ELO's (Essential Learner Outcomes). School counselors will supplement with additional lessons as needed to support classroom needs.

September:  Introduction to the School Counselor Lesson

October:  Respect

November:  Collaboration (focus is on working together to solve problems)

December:  Initiative

Tattling vs. Reporting (K-1)

Stand up to and Stop Bullying (2-5)

January:  Engagement

February:  Responsibility

March:  Excellence

April:  Integrity

May: Careers